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June 30, 2017

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June Blog 2017

I haven’t done a blog for the site in some time. The good news for you though is that the blogs are going to become a regular occurrence again. Today I’m going to talk about some of my observations from our callout service. It’ll be short and sweet. AIf you’re a big men or someone who buys clothing for larger friends or family members, one of things you’ll note is the irregular body shapes and the difficultly in finding suitable clothing. What do I mean by this?

Let me give you two examples. I was out with two customers on the same day about two months ago and both were a 4XL in a shirt. The first customer had a big chest but relatively tight tummy while the other was almost pigeon-chested and carried most of his weight around his tummy. Why is this important? The person with the larger tummy required a shirt longer in length as the length of the shirt was ‘lost’ due to where he was carrying the weight. So when you’re buying a shirt, consider your body shape. Also, consider how you like wearing your shirt – do you wear it open with a t-shirt underneath or on its own and tucked in. Think about it, you could buy the same shirt and depending on how you wear it, it’s either a comfortable fit or else a tight fit.

A final observation today, how do you like to wear your jeans? Some people like wearing them slightly lower down with a belt while others prefer wearing them high (around their hips). So someone two people with identical body shapes could be either a 44-inch waist or a 46-inch waist, depending on how they wear them. Just like the above example about the shirt, think about how you like to wear your clothing when you buy them.

Thanks for reading and as always if you’ve any questions or need to get in touch about something you can do so by emailing us at