Free Shipping in Ireland for Orders Over €100
August 03, 2017

Welcome to BearWear!

We are an online store based in Dublin offering a high quality range of mens clothing from XXL to 8XL.
€5 Flat Rate Recorded & Tracked Shipping on all deliveries on the island of Ireland. We aim to dispatch all orders within one working day.

Free Return Shipping

PayPal has recently introduced a free returns service for purchases made using your PayPal account. You can get up to 12 refunds between 1st January  and 31st December  each year under the PayPal Refunded Returns Service. This then resets on 1st January so you’re allowed 12 refunds again for that upcoming year. You can claim up to €30 for each return you make.

The service is free to sign up for once you have a PayPal account and it applies to non-Bearwear orders too of course (although I have no doubts you only buy your big man clothing from our site). You can sign up to the service by clicking here:

You can also find out further details on the service at the following link.

I hope you found this blog useful and thank you for reading and if you've any question just send an email to