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July 11, 2017

Our Summer Sale 2017

Our Summer sale runs from 14-31 July. We’re giving a massive 20% off everything when you spend €100 or more AND free shipping (Ireland only). Use the following discount code at checkout:



July 05, 2017

What else do we do?

As promised in our last blog, our blog is going to become a regular occurrence. This week we’re going to look at some of the things we do that perhaps you’re not aware of or are unsure about.

Our Loyalty Programme - Bearwear Members Club

Let’s be honest, when we go into a clothing shop on the high street and buy a few items we all hope that we can get a little off and will aim to do a bit of haggling with the shop assistant. As we’re an online store, you don’t have that option. However, don’t be disappointed. Our members club is straightforward and it’s completely free to join! For every €100 you spend, we’ll give you €5 back for your next order. There’s no minimum spend required either; even if you buy something for €20, you’ll still earn points. You can earn points even if you don’t spend anything, just like our page on Facebook and Twitter. To learn more about it just click on the link below and as always if you’ve any questions just send us an email:

Product Reviews

At the start of the year, we launched product reviews on the site. Yes we put it on the site so you can tell us how awesome the clothes are and yes we put it on the site so new visitors can see how awesome we are. It’s not just about our vanity though. This is your chance to leave feedback so we can improve what we already do. Do they look well when worn? Are they comfortable? Are they too loose or too tight fitting? We want your feedback whether it’s good, bad or indifferent and we promise to get better because of it.

Gift Wrapping

Last but not least. We do a gift-wrapping service on the site for a birthday, anniversary and other special occasions. Our gift-wrapping is of the highest standard and only costs €5. Just add the gift-wrapping option when checking out.

Thanks for reading


June 30, 2017

June Blog 2017

I haven’t done a blog for the site in some time. The good news for you though is that the blogs are going to become a regular occurrence again. Today I’m going to talk about some of my observations from our callout service. It’ll be short and sweet. AIf you’re a big men or someone who buys clothing for larger friends or family members, one of things you’ll note is the irregular body shapes and the difficultly in finding suitable clothing. What do I mean by this?

Let me give you two examples. I was out with two customers on the same day about two months ago and both were a 4XL in a shirt. The first customer had a big chest but relatively tight tummy while the other was almost pigeon-chested and carried most of his weight around his tummy. Why is this important? The person with the larger tummy required a shirt longer in length as the length of the shirt was ‘lost’ due to where he was carrying the weight. So when you’re buying a shirt, consider your body shape. Also, consider how you like wearing your shirt – do you wear it open with a t-shirt underneath or on its own and tucked in. Think about it, you could buy the same shirt and depending on how you wear it, it’s either a comfortable fit or else a tight fit.

A final observation today, how do you like to wear your jeans? Some people like wearing them slightly lower down with a belt while others prefer wearing them high (around their hips). So someone two people with identical body shapes could be either a 44-inch waist or a 46-inch waist, depending on how they wear them. Just like the above example about the shirt, think about how you like to wear your clothing when you buy them.

Thanks for reading and as always if you’ve any questions or need to get in touch about something you can do so by emailing us at